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Иммиграция в Черногорию

Questions and answers about immigration in Montenegro

What services do you provide?

ЧерногорияThe spectrum of our services is rather various; the full list is placed on the following link The basic services: immigration to Montenegro, purchase of inhabited and commercial real estate, admission to Montenegro’s universities, holding the courses of the Montenegrin and other languages, wedding tours, lease of apartments and reservation of hotel, transportation, accounting services, adaptation services.

How is it possible to immigrate to Montenegro?

Professional programs of immigration to Europe do not exist. In Montenegro we can receive residence permits on Business Immigration Program i.e. you receive residence permit on the ground of the registration of the firm. Thus, the government of Montenegro tries to stimulate inflow of investments to the country and it must be admitted that they do it.

Are there any requirements for a registered company?

At the present it doesn’t exist, it is quite easy and cheap. However, we suppose that when the government of Montenegro will sign the Schengen Agreement in the nearest few years, requirements greatly increase. But now there are no requirements at all, acceptable authorized capital of firm makes 1 euro, there are no requirements about the size of investments, about quantity of employed workers and about the sum of paid taxes. Now everything is easier than in other European countries but we want to repeat that in our opinion, such situation will hardly last long. If you have been watching the immigration legislation of countries of Eastern Europe, you could have noticed that after their entry into the EU and Schengen it has strongly tightened and in most cases has become unavailable for representatives of small businesses.

What are the advantages of higher education in Montenegro?

If not put in the answer the description of this wonderful country, its ecology, the benevolent relation to foreigners etc., pluses of educational system in our opinion reduce to the following: 1. Rather cheap, the bachelor programs cost 1500 Euros for a year of study that is cheaper than in many other countries; 2. As Montenegro language is included the group of Slavic languages, its studying will occupy less time for our compatriots.

Do you advise to arrive to live to Montenegro?

We don't give such answers; everyone should solve this question independently. In due time, we consciously risked, closed business in Russia, collected things and left for Montenegro for the purpose of creation just a new business on "an empty place". Nobody of us has regretted about the taken decision, though it was at first difficult. Whether to follow our example or to remain to live in the homeland is up to you to decide.

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