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Иммиграция в Черногорию


I. Program of Business - Immigration:

The cost of our services depends on the chosen option, which illustrates the table.

List of Services: Start
(350 euro)
(500 euro)
(800 euro)
Company Registration + + +
Payment of all government fees + + +
Register with the tax police and other government agencies + + +
Provision of registered address before the opening of the firm + + +
Making of seal   + +
Meeting in Montenegro   + +
Connecting to the mobile operator with a balance of 10 euros   + +
Consultation on various aspects of everyday living in Montenegro in the first 90 days (help in obtaining licenses and other complexities of doing business is not included in the service)   + +
Basic language course (10 hours)     +
* Language course is held at the location of our office.

Additional expenses:

  1. Travel to Montenegro.
  2. The package of documents for obtaining residence permits - 300 euros / person.
  3. Fund - from 1 euro.
  4. Money in the bank. For every person you need to have a bank account with the sum of not less than 300 euros. They are not expenses, but formality of confirming that you will have money on living in Europe in the first month. There is no use to pay this amount to anyone.
  5. Medical insurance.
  6. Translation of documents.

Additional services:

  1. Bookkeeping.
  2. Selection of residence (permanent / temporary).
  3. Transfer (if not provided for the selected service package).
  4. Any adaptation services agreement between the parties.
  5. Services to obtain licenses, if the selected type of activity subject to licensing in accordance with the laws of Montenegro.

* Prices for additional services are discussed, depending on the complexity of your wishes.

II. Real estate services:

For buyers:

  • Consultations on all matters relating to the purchase and registration of real estate;
  • Consultations on the choice of the region;
  • Personal selection and viewing of real estate;
  • Organization of negotiations with the seller of real estate, his representative (if desired, translation services);
  • Services to assess the quality of construction of interested object, and the sum of the costs in case of its reconstruction;
  • Examination of the object (state, market value, legal documents), preparation of documents, the conclusion of the transaction;
  • Execution of the property acquired the property.

For property owners:

  • Services for the sale (estimate of the object, the preparation of the object to the sale, repair and legalization of documents, etc.);
  • Full support of real estate;
  • Property management (often clients rent housing to rent, the service is relevant for customers who do not reside permanently in Montenegro).

Legal services:

  • Services for the lawfulness of the acquisition of legal expertise and tenure;
  • Elimination of errors and irregularities discovered during the examination (encumbrances and restrictions, the mismatch area, not inscribed objects);
  • Acceleration of the registration of property rights and obtaining documents for real estate registration and unauthorized construction in progress;
  • Representation and management of your cases in the courts and authorities of Montenegro;
  • Consultations on the Montenegrin legislation;
  • Preparation and submission to various authorities of any legal documents;
  • Preparation of statutory documents, registration of legal entities, all forms of ownership;
  • Full legal software licenses, permits, certificates, amendments.

Prices for basic services for real estate:
Selection, examination and registration to the ownership of real estate of the cost under 150 000 euros. 4% from the cost of the real estate
Selection, examination and registration to the ownership of real estate of the cost more than 150 000 euros. 3% from the cost of the real estate
Property management (leasing) from 0 to 10% of the amount of rent
Meeting at the airport from 30 euro
The selection of language courses usually free
Hotel Booking free
Selection and booking of the apartments services are provided
Other services by arrangement

Additional costs in the process of buying real estate:

  • Registration fee for notarization of the court is 11 euros.
  • Enter in cadastral book and certification of receipts of money (if it is) will also require some minor amount

III. Account and financial services:

  • Consultations and recommendations on the tax system in Montenegro;
  • Complete support documentation (tax and accounting, audit);
  • Restoration of accounting;
  • Services for the organization of the necessary infrastructure.
  • Also to all legal entities - legal services in maintenance (development of contractual schemes, conflict resolution).

* The cost of accounting services depends on your turnover, for small firms maintain accounting is usually 100-250 euros a month. Main: Our lawyers have years of experience and established contacts in government, and an accountant knows the Russian language very well.

IV. Additional services:

  • Meeting at the airport, shuttle to the location and back again - depending on the mileage to the ultimate goal;
  • Hotel reservation / apartments - hotel free of charge / Apartment - 100 euro one-time fee;
  • Translation, legalization of documents - translations 15 euros / page;
  • Selection of language courses - in most cases free;
  • Registration of insurance policies;
  • Any other services by agreement.

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