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Иммиграция в Черногорию

Advantages of Montenegro programs

ЧерногорияMontenegro has a number of advantages in comparison with other countries, mainly, they come to: simplicity in the registration, low costs, reliability. Speaking about reliability, it is appropriate to mention that the majority of the European countries have conspicuously complicated the entry in last years, especially for countries with great level of persons, who want to immigrate to Montenegro for example, for Russia. As the result, the flow of Russians who receive residence permits in Europe has rapidly reduced. Fortunately, everyone can get residence permit in Montenegro so far! Let us consider the main advantages in detail.

Advantages of Montenegrin programs:

1.Business immigration to Montenegro. As mentioned above, the main advantage is that unlike many other countries, Montenegro still gives visas, as there are no major requirements for business. Let us, for comparison, consider how matters stand in other countries:

Czech Republic. Since 2009, the majority of the founders receive waivers of visas; to get a visa into this country has become very difficult. There is also the law which commits to pay certain specified minimum tax.

Hungary. The estimation of business is carried out; it is necessary to create some jobs for the local population.

Germany. You can get a residence permit, on condition of investment of 250,000 Euros and creation no less than five jobs.

And so on, and so forth, most countries now have policies that they welcome businessmen but to those large enough who will provide job not only for itself, but for the local population also.

Fortunately, there are no similar difficulties in Montenegro. Briefly, the main differences between immigration into Montenegro from immigration to other countries can be described as follows:

  • Residence permit is given to everyone who has registered legal entity.
  • There are no requirements to the business.
  • Expenses are lower than in other countries (for example: the authorized capital of the Czech firms should be 200 000 crowns and in Montenegro only 1 euro. On the bank account when apply for a visa there should be: for the Czech Republic - 180 000 crowns for each applicant, for Montenegro - EUR 300). Examples can be continued and for other countries, but with whatever country compare, the cheapest way to immigrate is to Montenegro. The cost of registration of the firm is also much lower than in other countries.
  • Terms of immigration are lower than in other countries (immigration to developed countries is from 4 months to 2 years depending on country). Timeline for Montenegro: registration of the company 1-3 weeks, obtaining residence permits - 30 days.
  • Taxes in Montenegro are again lower than in other European countries, which will reduce your costs of doing business.

2.High education in Montenegro. Cost of tuition in Montenegro in comparison with many developed countries is not relatively high, the specifics depend on the university and the profession, it is rather difficult to describe all possible variants in the limits of this site, so we just point out that you can rely on the cost of tuition of about 1500 Euros per year of study that is much cheaper than in some countries such as Hungary, USA, UK, Australia, etc. Foreign students come to study on the same conditions as nationals of Montenegro.

3.Real estate in Montenegro. In this issue it is worth to provide a few advantages. A) Unlike some other countries, you can buy an apartment not as a legal entity, but as an individual. B) The cost of real estate is relatively low and often even at popular resorts it is comparable to the value of property in a provincial town in Russia, and sometimes cheaper. C) From the previous paragraph follows that there is a possibility to lease it profitably, as the resorts apartments with daily payment are more expensive than in a provincial Russian town. Thus, spending about the same amount of money, as well as in Russia, on buying a home for the subsequent renting out, you get more profit. Our company is ready to provide you with services to manage your property.

4.Wedding tours in Montenegro. Firstly, in Montenegro there are very many places that one must visit at least once in his life. On their background you can take excellent wedding photography. Secondly, for Montenegro one does not need a visa, which greatly simplifies the whole process of marriage. Thirdly, the price level in Montenegro on many services, including the wedding tour, is lower than in other European countries.

General advantages:

  1. Undoubtedly, Montenegro will become a full member of the EU (Euros are used there for a long time).
  2. The climate in northern Montenegro - moderate continental, on the Adriatic coast - Mediterranean. In the coastal area summer is usually long, hot (+23-25 ° C) and fairly dry, winter is short and cold (+3-7 ° C).
  3. Prices for many services in Montenegro are lower than in Russia and Europe, which largely contributes the liberal tax policy.
  4. Citizens of Russia and many other countries don’t need to get a visa for entry into Montenegro.
  5. Property prices in Montenegro are lower than in Russia.
  6. Montenegro is an orthodox state.

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