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Иммиграция в Черногорию

Advantages of registration of residence permit to Montenegro

ЧерногорияTo begin with, it doesn’t matter if Montenegro is better than other countries or worse, the fact is that almost all European countries have complicated entrance under the Business Immigration Program very strongly. We will speak about the Business Immigration Program because programs for professional workers in Europe do not exist.

Under the Business Immigration Program it is implied that a man gets a residence permit on the grounds of registration of legal entity, thus governments of different states try to involve investments. The similar programs exist in all European Countries but almost everywhere they are interfaced with certain requirements to business, concrete requirements depend on country and the accepted immigration legislation, briefly, these requirements are often reduced to the following: creation of certain quantity of workplaces, to payment of monthly certain sum of the tax, the certain size of investments, etc. So, for reception of visa the founders must have on their personal accounts some sum of money, sometimes rather impressive.

Nowadays, there are no difficulties to immigrate in Montenegro. Practically, anyone can get a residence permit. The main differences from similar program in other countries: 1) The authorized capital can make only one euro. 2) Every applicant must have only 300 euro on his personal account in bank. 3) There are no requirements to business, level of taxes etc.

Publication data: 14.01.2010 Full text of news

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