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Иммиграция в Черногорию

Business Immigration to Montenegro

ЧерногорияOur company suggests you to receive a residence permit on the ground of registration of legal entity in Montenegro. The similar Business Immigration programs exist in almost all countries but the programs of the majority countries differ due to great number of difficulties with which you won’t face. There are:

  1. The requirements to certain capitalization of business. For example, in Germany for receiving of residence permit it is necessary to invest no less 250 000 Euros and to create no less than five workplaces.
  2. In Hungary there are requirements to quantity of the created workplaces, and also the estimation of business planned to creation is carried out.
  3. In the Czech Republic since 2009 - the massive failures of the business visas, in addition, there is a requirement of minimum paid taxes. Etc.

Any requirements to business, by which not all representatives of small business are allowed to pass, are in almost all countries. Evidently, there is a tendency to limit the entry into a country from the representatives of small businesses and those, who receives a residence permit, in principle is not involved in business, and takes jobs. In addition, immigration to other countries takes much longer than in Montenegro.

Fortunately, in Montenegro everything is much simpler at the moment. Judge for yourself:

  • There are no requirements to the business in principle.
  • Authorized capital under the laws of Montenegro may be just 1 euro (except for certain activities, such as banks, insurance companies, etc.).
  • The bank account for each family member must be the sum of just 300 Euros.

Our company provides a full range of legal entity registration and obtaining residence permits.

Residence permit , in contrast to the tourist visa - it's not only the right to enter and stay in the country. This is - the status of a temporary resident who is allowed to live and work in the country all year round, and after several years to obtain permanent status (permanent residence and then citizenship).

Temporary resident status - is an immigration status, confirmed by certain documents, and provides its holder with a certain set of rights on the territory of the country of residence. You and your family can get a residence permit on the ground of registration of legal entities in Montenegro. In fact, this is the program of immigration in Montenegro, where you consistently pass a series of stages: registration of the company in Montenegro - obtaining residence permits - receiving permanent residency -receiving citizenship. At this point it is appropriate to add that the registration of the company (business immigration) is almost the only opportunity for Russians to obtain residence permits in Europe. Here you can add except that another opportunity to obtain residence permits on the basis of their studies. The fact is that the programs for professional immigration to Europe do not exist, and obtain a work visa is now extremely difficult. Montenegro acquired the status of an independent state only in 2005, so now immigration in Montenegro is relatively easy. However, there is no doubt that with the impending accession of Montenegro to EU, immigration laws will be tightened, similar examples are already there: the Czech Republic in 2009, virtually stopped issuing business visas to Russians, Hungary began to assess the business and increased significantly the requirements to businesses, many others Eastern European countries have also increased the requirements for the business and began to evaluate: "And who is actually going to them, and if this is a businessman or an employee, who wants to get a residence permit in Europe under the guise of a businessman?". As mentioned above, there are no similar problems with immigration in Montenegro at this time, but they are quite predictable and can occur after the entry into the EU.

If you register a company in Montenegro, you are eligible for a residence permit. A rental in Montenegro is given to one-year extension. Documents on the extension should be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the expiration of the visa.

If you want to obtain permanent residence (permanent place of residence in Montenegro), you must live in the country in the status of residence permit for at least 5 years, but during this time you should not be outside the country for more than 10 months in total, or 6 consecutive months.

What is a permanent residence? In fact, it is almost citizenship. The permanent residence makes absolutely all the rights of a citizen of Montenegro, except for the suffrage.

You can apply for reception of citizenship, having lived in Montenegro for five years in the status of permanent residence.

Our company can offer a complete package of services for the implementation of the Business Immigration to Montenegro. Contact us today.

The process of immigration to Montenegro:

Now, the process is rather simple and fast. We describe it in stages.

Step 1: Decide.
Perhaps this is the most important and difficult - to decide. Carefully review our site if you have questions, please contact us via the contacts listed on our site. We ask you to proceed to subsequent steps only if you have already cleared out all questions with our help, and resolve to proceed with the registration of a company in Montenegro. Respect your and our time.

Step 2: Filling out your registration form.
The form specifies the data that we need to process, such as:

  1. selecting the name of your future company in Montenegro.
  2. Determination of the authorized capital of the company in Montenegro. Currently, the minimum allowable amount of the share capital amounts to EUR 1.
  3. Determination of the founders.

Payment of our services is divided into two parts, before arriving in Montenegro, you pay the first part, and after arriving in Montenegro - the remainder. Since you have no doubt, to explore our price list, then see what we offer three options for registration of a company, which differ, in fact, in the spectrum of provided additional adaptation services. On this basis, the size of work which should be executed, and accordingly, and the size of an advance payment differs also.

The first variant of registration of the firm (in the Price "Start") - no work is performed before your arrival, respectively; the total cost of our services is paid on the first day after your arrival in Montenegro.

The second variant of registration of a company (in the Price "Basic") - according to the range of services we need to find you accommodation and arrange transfers. It is already some work and, moreover, we want to be sure that it will not be done in vain, and you really come to Montenegro, but not abandon its plans for so-called "family reasons". Therefore, the prepayment is 200 Euro; total price of our services is paid after your arrival in Montenegro.

The third variant of registration of a company (in the Price "Exclusive") - add some more services that require pre-organization, in particular, we need to find you a vacant teacher of the language. Prepayment is 300 Euros; the total price is paid after your arrival in Montenegro.

* The order of payment is relevant if you plan to come to Montenegro for the registration of the company personally. In our view it is more convenient for you option. There is also the possibility to register a company by proxy. In this case, the total price paid as a deposit.

Step 4.The Registration of a company
we need the following documents from you:

  1. Certified copies of passports. It is convenient to notarize and to translate them already in Montenegro, as overseas it is more complicated to perform this procedure.
  2. Inquiries about criminal records for all family members.

If you have arrived in Montenegro in person, no more documents are required. In the case of remote registration of a company, we need authorization from the founders of the company in the name of our employee.

We select the candidate of the nominal executive chief, who can become a citizen of Montenegro, or a foreigner with residence permit or permanent residence in Montenegro, as well as determine the legal address of the company in Montenegro. The cost of registration includes providing a registered address for the company for six months.

After performing of the preparatory stages, a firm is registered in the Commercial Court of Montenegro, and with the tax and statistical authorities, as well as a bank account is opened. Typically these processes, including the registration of a company, occupy no more than 10-15 days.

Step 5.Obtaining of the residence permit
After the registration of a company, we can form a package of documents for obtaining residence permits. We offer a full range of services for the preparation of this document package. Residence permit is issued within 30 days. It is appropriate to clarify the visa issue: at the entrance to Montenegro you, depending on nationality, have the right to stay in the country from 30 to 90 days. For those, who may be just 30 days (for example, citizens of Russia), the term of the visa will expire before they receive a residence permit, as the registration of the company and the subsequent receipt of residence permit takes longer than 30 days. But it's not terrible, because when receiving documents for residence permit you will get the mark, allowing you to stay in the country over those 30 days, which is very convenient, since you'll be able to come to the registration of a company already with the whole family, and with things for permanent residence.

Download the booklet: Booklet. Prais. Questionnaire.

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