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Last train to Europe

For anybody not a secret, that many Russians dream to leave for work abroad that in general that isn't surprising, as life in Russia, except for citizens of Moscow and St.-Petersburg, doesn't give possibility not only for good life now, but also any prospects in the future. However, with search of happy life abroad now too not all so is simple. By inquiries "work abroad", "immigration", "emigration", etc. you can see thousand offers of various firms, but who from them is very rare describes a real state of affairs, I will try to fill this lack of the truthful information.

Now the situation is that that Russian aren't necessary anywhere, requirements of various immigration and working programs constantly become complicated. For this reason, I also named article "last train to Europe" as departure possibilities are reduced every year and in the nearest some years aren't excluded that possibility of change of a residence any more won't be at all. Practically now we have very serious lack of interesting offers on departure abroad. So, we will pass to business.

To begin with we will consider working programs. Here all rather not good. Real offers which are accessible in 2011 to Russians: 1. AU Pair to Germany. Within the limits of the program is residing at the foreign country and rendering assistance on care of children. Theoretically AU Pair it is possible and in other countries, but in them on one family to have wishing to become the ten AU Pair, now only Germany really "works". 2. Work as the animator in Egypt and Turkey. 3. Work in the United Arab Emirates. 4. Work on cruise liners.

Thus variants 1-2 are calculated first of all on interested persons to have a rest, with an economic return to look at the world, but to earn in their frameworks not really. Only four programs? Yes, only four programs. The others for Russians or not real, or aren't in demand. We will stop on it more in detail. That is I understand under "are not in demand". The typical example, programs Work + study, is in the various countries, but in their frameworks not really that that to earn, as all earnings leave on study payment, accordingly under such programs units as self-improvement and English studying for the money of Russians interests seldom go. Now that is I understand as a word "not real". Here all is simple, almost all developed countries from Russians are closed, a working visa in them to receive either isn't possible, or it is the extremely inconvenient. Don't trust? Look, at least at a site of embassy of Germany, in general Germans are good fellows, in my opinion this best embassy in Russia, and not only to that they give the objective information though and it is the big plus, prefer to hold back the others it tactfully. So, we read a site of embassy of Germany:

"Citizens of the states which are not entering into the European economic space (EEP), can go to work in Germany only at presence at them the special permission. If the foreigner wants to arrive to Germany for the purpose of employment it can receive the corresponding permission only in exceptional cases as in the country in connection with high unemployment the interdiction for employment of foreign citizens operates entered by the Federal government in 1973." Whether all is clear not so? A situation in embassies of other countries is similar though about it very few people extends.

With working programs we have finished. We will pass to immigration programs. That who is yet married / not married at once I will inform that search of the foreign husband / wives the most simple way of immigration. If it doesn't approach you, is readable further.

Programs on professional immigration

Canada, Australia, New Zealand have such programs. Despite that now programs operate, I them name a myth and why I will try to explain. Last years there was a tendency of gradual and constant increase of the requirement to candidates under these programs, as a result of a stream of people already isn't present, the majority doesn't pass under requirements. Programs on which there leaves a small group of people total number of interested persons hardly it is possible to consider seriously as possibility at last that to have an opportunity to live adequately in the normal country.

Programs on business immigration

Here everything is more and more better, though and not absolutely. If more recently used huge demand of the program on immigration to east Europe as rather not expensive and given the chance small business to move to live in the Schengen zone that now they have strongly become complicated, the governments of the various countries compete with each other in introduction various documents in the form of necessity to create so much that of workplaces, to make certain investments, etc. to complexities which representatives of small-scale business not always can execute. However, they are difficult for blaming for it, Russian living abroad know as many our compatriots who never were engaged in business dealing earlier, received VNG in Europe on the basis of firm registration, thus getting a job after arrival.

So, we will present the arisen complexities on an example of the several countries:

Germany - it is possible to receive VNG under condition of creation not less than 5 workplaces and investments not less than 250 000 euros.

Czechia - about, is especially interesting country for an estimation the matter is that offering immigration to Czechia through opening of firm it is a lot of firms and except the Prague lion anybody from them doesn't speak about arising complexities, and complexities consist that since 2009 and on the present enterprise visas to Czechia practically don't give, at least to Russian. According to our Czech partners from the last 30 clients registered firm have given the visa to one person.

Hungary - spend a business estimation, all very much isn't simple.

Etc. Complexities are in many countries. I want to underline that it is a question of complexities for small business, those at whom have more than money and variants more, for example, the same business immigration to Germany perfectly works, provided that you can invest 250 000 euros and create five workplaces.

What to do to small business? In my opinion in Europe there are only two countries where it is necessary to be made out now under the program immigration business, it is Slovenia and Montenegro.

Slovenia - in 2011 of the visa give almost 100 %, expenses on immigration moderated and more low than in some other countries. But, there are two complexities: 1. To make family reunion (i.e. to enter the child into Europe) you can only after a year of residing in Slovenia. 2. Toughening of conditions entrance in the near future is expected, it isn't casual, quantity of foreign firms in Slovenia only for 2010 has increased several times, the country offers too simple conditions for reception ВНЖ to foreign businessmen whom again таки having arrived to Europe frequently don't create and occupy workplaces.

Montenegro is the excellent variant, most simple and cheap from operating now. I will underline only its some advantages: 1. You can drive to Europe, in some days after signing of the contract with the intermediary company. 2. There is no risk to be refused under the visa at immigration to Montenegro. 3. Cost of services in firm registration in Montenegro in times more low than in other countries. 4. Low expenses (on the bank account on each applicant should lie only 300 euros, the authorized capital at registration of firm 1 euros). 5. Montenegro is considered the most non-polluting place in Europe, that their ecology at all shouldn't be compared with Russian I will tactfully keep silent.

It is necessary to notice that Montenegro yet in EU. Well it or is bad? In my opinion well also I will explain why: 1. The introduction of Montenegro into EU will necessarily cause revision of requirements to people driving to the country including under programs immigration business, all becomes much more difficult. 2. The introduction into EU and Schengen it only a matter of time, I think that Montenegro becomes a member of EU the next two years.

In my opinion Montenegro now is the best and accessible variant from all immigration programs.

Educational programs

Here all is simple, what that of restrictions wasn't entered now, for study it is possible to leave in any country. But, it is necessary to commensurate the desires with possibilities, formation is as cheap, for example, in Germany about 600 euros in a semester, and very expensive in some other countries. If you aren't ready to expenses measured approximately in 15 - 50 thousand euro a year that you don't need to plan to leave for study to Great Britain, the USA, Australia and some more countries.

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