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Иммиграция в Черногорию

Spend your holiday abroad!

Holidays in MontenegroUndoubtedly, Montenegro is a pearl of Europe, the last mysterious country of the old continent. Surrounded by the cleanest sea and filled by the Mediterranean sun, Montenegro represents a fairytale, which guarantees an excellent holiday.

In Montenegro you feel a slow measured rhythm of life better than anywhere else. Holiday in Montenegro will allow you to rest from busy rhythm of life of our cities, to enjoy the untouched nature and crystal-clear Adriatic Sea.

It is especially important that the visa for the entrance to Montenegro is not required to Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians. It is enough to buy air tickets and reserve residence. Our company can help you with the decision of these problems. Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with many popular resorts. The resorts of Montenegro enter the best ten world resorts and not very expensive. Montenegro is a unique oasis in modern Europe where completely absent harmful manufactures are, there are many nature reserves and also coastal and ski resorts. Besides, here is the purest sea in the whole Mediterranean coast, excellent climate and ecology. Montenegro, by right, is considered the cleanest state in Europe.

On our site you can find the information which allows you to plan inexpensive and at the same time convenient vacation in Europe. We can reserve inexpensive tickets for you, realize reception in airport, book a room, an apartment, and a villa. Our company will render full support in organizing your holiday.

Publication date: 1/25/2011 Full text of news

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Why it is profitable to buy real estate in Montenegro

Property in Montenegro

  • The visa for entrance to Montenegro isn't required to Russians.
  • You can register a company and get a residence permit
  • In Montenegro there are no restrictions for foreigners to purchase real estate.
  • In Montenegro, comparing with other countries of Europe, there are low taxes at the purchase of real estate.
  • The resorts of Montenegro enter the best ten ones.
  • Montenegro is located in the heart of Europe that is especially important for travelling
  • The excellent climate. The winters are mild but in summer there is no excessive heat
  • Montenegro is the ecologically purest state in Europe with great quantity of sights
  • The Slavic country is historically and culturally close to Russia
  • The prices for the goods and services are much lower than the European average.
  • National Economy develops in leaps and bounds
  • A huge demand for rent of real estate which grows every year.
  • There is practically no crime
  • Along with resorts at coast in Montenegro there are excellent ski resorts

Publication date: 11/5/2010 Full text of news

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Advantages of registration of residence permit to Montenegro

MontenegroTo begin with, it doesn’t matter if Montenegro is better than other countries or worse, the fact is that almost all European countries have complicated entrance under the Business Immigration Program very strongly. We will speak about the Business Immigration Program because programs for professional workers in Europe do not exist.

Under the Business Immigration Program it is implied that a man gets a residence permit on the grounds of registration of legal entity, thus governments of different states try to involve investments. The similar programs exist in all European Countries but almost everywhere they are interfaced with certain requirements to business, concrete requirements depend on country and the accepted immigration legislation, briefly, these requirements are often reduced to the following: creation of certain quantity of workplaces, to payment of monthly certain sum of the tax, the certain size of investments, etc. So, for reception of visa the founders must have on their personal accounts some sum of money, sometimes rather impressive.

Nowadays, there are no difficulties to immigrate in Montenegro. Practically, anyone can get a residence permit. The main differences from similar program in other countries: 1) The authorized capital can make only one euro. 2) Every applicant must have only 300 euro on his personal account in bank. 3) There are no requirements to business, level of taxes etc.

Publication data: 14.01.2010 Full text of news

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